Sunday in the Park With..

Aug. 22: Newton, MA I'd like to end my blog with some more... philosophical... posts. Or at least the answers to the questions that I think need answering. First up: Why did I go? Truthfully, there werea huge number of factors that made me decide to take a year off. But here's at least a … Continue reading Sunday in the Park With..


The Scottish Play

Aug. 2-10: Edinburgh, Great Britain: The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 70 years ago, some local artists who weren't invited to the small, prestigious Eddinburgh International Festival decided, "Screw it. Let's perform anyway. We'll do our own thing, alongside the fancy festival. On the fringes, if you will." 70 years later, the Edinburgh Fringe is the largest … Continue reading The Scottish Play

La Mer

July 28-Aug 2: Nice, France; Monte Carlo, Monaco; and Ventimiglia, Italy Loyal blog follower Russell, big brother to my high school friend Tamara, invited me to visit him in his new digs in France. As it was a short hour from Barcelona, I decided to pop over for a few days.  Meanwhile, loyal blog reader … Continue reading La Mer

Gaudi-amus Igitur

July 18-28: Barcelona, Spain: The World Choral Symposium I knew the symposium was going to be amazing before it even started. The Choral Expo opened early, and it was totally overwhelming. There were music publishers from England, France, Norway, Germany, Sweden, and many more- every time I turned a corner I started to panic at … Continue reading Gaudi-amus Igitur


July 10-16: Vienna, Austria My first thought on arriving at the Vienna airport was “These people are really tall.” My second was “This is practically America! Everyone speaks English!” My third thought, driving through the city, was “This place is insanely clean. And gorgeous.” I honestly can’t tell you how much of this was just … Continue reading Edelweiss

Gangnam Style

June 10-20: Seoul, South Korea, Part 2: Flawless When you get to Boston and get into the airport, you see ads for Cape Cod, and clam chowder, and maybe the Pru. When you get to Chicago it's the Bean and the Cubs and  the Museum of Science and Industry. When you get to Korea it's- … Continue reading Gangnam Style